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Q. Help! I’m finding it too difficult. How do I beat it?

A. Sorry about that. Even though Primus is designed to play more like a human, it's not necessarily easy to beat. Here are a few practical tips that might help:

  • Slow down. The longer you think, the better your chances are of winning.
  • Try to ensure that all of your pieces are defended at all times.
  • Block up the center with pawns.
  • Try to simplify the game by exchanging queens.
  • Generally try to keep the position as simple as possible; computers play better in complex positions.

Q. Why don’t you allow takebacks and hints in some games?

A. We feel that some game modes should attempt to replicate the environment of an actual, over-the-board chess game, so we don't allow takebacks in some modes. For example, we don't allow hints or takebacks when playing Primus in a game with time controls, on the "Unlimited" difficulty level.

When you’re playing the variable-level engine, you can opt to use hints and takebacks if you like - but we encourage you to learn to live with your mistakes...!

If you have other support issues or queries - or if you just want to say hi - please email

Good luck!

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